The RetroN 5 Will Finally Be Release June 6

Nex Machina Housemarque Helpful save states and vanishing game saves Above: Someone, please, kill me. Also, you can move saves from the console to the cartridge. I am in love with the idea of backing up all of my old NES game saves and being able to transfer them back and forth. It took a lot of hours to get those saves! GTFO of my house, jerk. GamesBeat A serious bug with this save feature wipes out the save data on some carts. Until there is a firmware fix, absolutely do not utilize the Retron 5 for any games that require significant save data. To spare you the long and technical story:

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But Hyperkin is taking the RetroN to the next level actually two more levels with a brand-new product called the RetroN 5. Perhaps best of all, the RetroN 5 brings HDMI capability and a host of features designed to make retro gaming feel slightly more modern. July is the most likely release month.

The RetroN 5 is the newest in the RetroN line of multi-platform clone systems from Hyperkin. These are new, modern-day systems designed to play games from different, older systems of yesteryear. The RetroN 5, specifically, plays games from the following systems.

I played CV Bloodlines on the genesis, and the audio and picture quality really blew me away. I also played Turtles 3 on the NES, which again looked and sounded great. I played Metroid Zero mission from the GBA, and the only problem is the audio still sounds grainy, but that’s just because of the bad GBA audio quality. One thing I would recommend for every system except maybe the NES- change over to the first filter it offers.

With no filter on, you see every pixel, which is neat but makes the games look far more pixelated. The first filter cleans it up without losing any of the color and detail. So, there are a couple little issues, but none too big. The controller that’s included isn’t so hot, particularly the round D pad, which makes no sense when none of the systems it’s emulating had analog stick shaped d pads. That’s alright since you can use the old controllers but it’s something to note.

The menu interface can also be annoying, and will take a little while and some trial and error to get it to do everything you want, particularly setting up a profile for button mapping. Also, if you’re using an old style controller, you have to do a special button combination to bring up the Retron menu to do stuff like save state, which isn’t too bad but you need to pay attention to what that combo is before starting the game. The controller it comes with has a save state button right there, which is one of the pluses for using it.

Overall though, for me, being able to play my games on my HDMI only TV with great audio and color quality is what’s important, and the saving states always make the games more enjoyable when revisiting them. So, I highly recommend it.

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Unity War in the Skies The whole world is at war! A small squad will take the leading role and find out what’s behind this terribe menace. Three planes will be what they use for this mission you must do as your superiors tell you. Unity 3D plugin required. There are several game modes as well Free flight and Missile evasion.

Nintendo’s diminutive retro console boots up in less than five seconds and presents users with what might be the most straightforward, easy-to-use menu the company has ever created.

Kvant – Secrets [Original Mix] – Nappi – Fractions [Original Mix] – Sako Isoyan – Emotions [Original Mix] – Notorious – Lie [Original Mix] – Sasha Primitive – Magic [Original Mix] – Joseph Larson – Believe [Original Mix] – Miavono – White Lies [Cornel Dascalu – Magnetic Brothers, Laladee – Confession [Jules – Alexander Hristov – Happy Days [Sharapov – Arcade 82 – Circus Charlie [Original Mix] –


I sat down with Chris Gallizzi from Hyperkin to ask him a few questions regarding their upcoming console. Are you guys excited about the pre-order numbers? Yes, we are very excited because it actually shows that there’s a huge demand still for retro gaming.

Very happy with the progress of my tiny Youtube channel, Subscribers (Up 14 this month), k Twitter Followers (Up this month). I still wouldn’t call it big, But it sure is a great deal larger than I ever thought it would be.

If you already know, skip ahead to the next section. Launch Version This is the back of the launch version of the Xbox Refresh Version This is the back of the refreshed version. Here are the options available, from best picture quality to worst. As well as p video, the HDMI connection can also transfer audio. This type of cable is usually used for computer monitors, but can also be used for the Compatible with all s: Component cables for the also contain component plugs, making for six plugs in total: Three for the component video, one for composite video, and two for audio.

This is the worst analog video connection, and is only capable of SD performance. It should be used only if every other method is not available.

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Posted by Wolfgame posts 4 years, 4 months ago Poll: Are you going to purchase a Retron 5? This hardware has a controversial history to it aside from any hesitancy you may have concerning emulation. The release date was bounced around at duke nukem forever level of craziness slight hyperbole there. The company was either unwilling or unable to properly address customer questions about when the Retron 5 would come out.

Reports from different sources suggest that amazon preorder customers from a year ago are still waiting for their consoles to ship.

I kinda wanted the duo because 1: It is based on real hardware and 2: 5 is like 3 times as much as a duo. Thanks for advice though. I might get duo instead because I saw it works better than 3 and a real genesis is dirt cheap anyway.

Given the age of the NES hardware, many people have been turning to new clone hardware solutions to play their old favorites. There is certainly no shortage of choice — there are literally hundreds, if not thousands — of these devices that all play 8-bit Nintendo cartridges. Features The RetroBit RetroPort is a slimline cartridge adapter with a universal shape that plugs into the top of any Super NES, Super Famicom or clone hardware without any modifications needed to your console.

The included cable can then be plugged into any composite video input of your choice and provide duel mono, simulated stereo audio. Nevertheless, most games do work with the RetroPort. After testing hundreds of titles, here is a partial list of games I found to be incompatible with the RetroPort. Please keep in mind that this list is currently incomplete as I do not have access to every title ever made. First, there are differences in the controls.

This means that the Y and X buttons are unused, and you will need to adjust how you hold the controller if you are used to normally using the Nintendo default of Y and B. The extra channel duplicates the single mono channel to create duel-mono like DVDs of vintage films from the mid 20th century. This can potentially be fixed so look forward to a tutorial in the near future. Video output is rather good.

Retron 5: 4 months later

Hyper Fighting and Super Punch-Out!! Star Fox 2 is perhaps the biggest news here; originally scheduled for release in the ’90s, the Super FX 2-powered title was canned despite being practically finished. While seasoned SNES fans may be intimately familiar with the other 20 games on offer, Star Fox 2 is a curious proposition; it’s a retro game which nobody has played before — in this totally finished and mastered form, at least. While everyone has their personal list of best SNES games, it’s genuinely hard to argue with the quality of the pre-installed titles on this console.

Sure, we’d like to have seen Axelay , Super Tennis , ActRaiser , Pilotwings and Cybernator make the cut, but you’d have to be particularly mean-spirited to claim that any of the 21 games featured here didn’t justify their inclusion; there’s a good mix of platformers, action titles and RPGs, as well as plenty of titles which support two players.

Most buyers won’t feel the need to resort to this practice, we’re guessing.

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The system looks very good. But the plastic felt rather fragile. Having used the console heavily for 4 months I can honestly say the ones I received are sturdy enough. The deathgrip the slots have on the cartridges genesis slot I am looking at you is long gone. The carts now slip in and out with ease but are not loose. I have two consoles. A grey one and a black one.

So I will soon be experiencing first hand the joy of RMAing that. Overall I am satisfied with how the consoles are holding up.


Luckily, it’s not too difficult to plug everything in and get your game on. Consoles like the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox all connect over component, and while composite is an option, you’ll get better video quality by going with component if it’s available on your TV. Older consoles won’t necessarily support component, and in those cases — especially with older think the Dreamcast, the Nintendo 64 or the GameCube, composite is your best option.

With even older consoles, S-Video may be your best choice. Use the highest-quality video connector on offer that’s also available on your TV.

Jul 31,  ·) I still wouldn’t put up with anything past 1 frame of lag and definitly no more than 2. You could always go to and see if your HDTV comes up with a number if you’re curious.

Kvant – Secrets [Original Mix] – Nappi – Fractions [Original Mix] – Sako Isoyan – Emotions [Original Mix] – Notorious – Lie [Original Mix] – Sasha Primitive – Magic [Original Mix] – Joseph Larson – Believe [Original Mix] – Miavono – White Lies [Cornel Dascalu – Magnetic Brothers, Laladee – Confession [Jules – Alexander Hristov – Happy Days [Sharapov – Arcade 82 – Circus Charlie [Original Mix] – Alexia – Number One [Barbary –

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