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Thoughts pertaining to the world of Fly-Fishing Saturday, March 21, Bonefishing in Cozumel Jay and I typically find ourselves in the middle of adventure. I’d say first and foremost we are “dreamers”, Jay more so than I but I’m always convinced that his crazy schemes are going to work so I jump on board and our once dreams of catching 5 lb. It’s funny though, because I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Bonefishing in Cozumel was definitely in the category of “misadventure”, but it was verging on complete success. If you keep reading, and are planning to go to Cozumel anytime soon, I think this blog will be of some help to you. It all started on our last trip to Cozumel. We had hired a guide who took us to some great spots, but with a guide there is always the constraint of time and a little lack of freedom to go do what you want to. In the end, our fishing day was too short, and we really didn’t have the money to hire a guide everyday and thus satisfy our bonefishing urges we were on a family vacation, so it wasn’t like the purpose of the trip was only bonefishing, for some reason loved ones think you should hang with them once in a while too. So, the wheels in our brain got turning about how we could just go bonefishing on our own and that led us to Christmas of Another trip to Cozumel was inevitable and so Jay and I took to google earth to scout out our game-plan.

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The idea was to focus on tunas and so I chose a week right in the middle of the tuna season, with medium tides that usually gets the tunas feeding on top. Well, that did not turn too well as big tunas could either not be found or would not feed during the whole length of the week! Needless to say this was a disapointment but also an unpleasant surprise as I was absolutely sure there would at least find a couple of good tuna bites during that week.

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If You need any more info about Puerto Vallarta fishing or for reservations please C ontact us. Captain Steve Torres also made history in when He caught the record braking Black M arlin in the annual Marlin and Sailfish tournament see photo on the right Captain Steve is the one sitting next to the Marlin with the yellow shirt. Check out our recent Puerto Vallarta fishing reports to see what the guys have been catching! For more info about the crew, more photos of the boat or for reservations please click link below.

Day 1 Great conditions blue flat seas but we were having trouble finding the bigger skippies we wanted for a big Marlin sure you can catch big Marlin with smaller bait but you will have much better luck with bigger baits. Steve Torres hooked up a nice Blue Marlin around 1pm but not quite a qualifier but still a nice fish so Freddy released her and that was about it for day 1. We prefished the day before the tournament checking out the fishing grounds it was perfect conditions nice warm water flat blue sea’s our first bite of the day was a small striped Marlin probable about 60 lbs jmark reeled her in quick and Freddy pulled the Marlin aboard for a quick photo and then released her to be caught later.

Day 1 of the tournament We headed out at 8 am, same great conditions clean warm water and alot of stripers about 40 miles offshore. She bit a live Skip Jack trolling a little before 1 pm. We fished 2 days before the tournament learning the fishing grounds. The first morning Captain Steve found a nice structure at the bottom of the ocean perfect for big Marlin fishing 4 miles west of the farallon rock so We decided to fish that area with live bait the whole tournament.

Day 1 We departed from paradise village at 7am and reached the bank a little after 9am. The team caught live bait and We started trolling the fishing was very slow for us all day just a small Sailfish nibble in the morning but then a little after 3pm We had our first Marlin strike then another and just like that We had a double hook up.

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Jaime Garcia on kelp patches south of Arroyo Seco for 16 yellowtail plus a pound white seabass. It’s a good beginning for the fishing season. Other San Quintin anglers in the same area caught 12 yellowtail and 2 white seabass. San Quintin fishing area weather was mostly calm in the mid s, with water temperatures averaging 58 to 60 degrees at the spot and 55 to 58 degrees at El Socorro. Bottom fish such as rockcod and lingcod have been plentiful. All those who fished the bottom caught their limits before noon.

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I had a blast doing a brief write—up of three of the ten below: Halfway down through Wyoming, Earl is hit with a stroke of bad luck: Oh, Earl, a gold mine — so close, yet so far away. I can assure you, this story is an honest-to-goodness Richard Ford gold nugget. I already had my ticket in my wallet. The narrator then goes on to tell how it is the day before Thanksgiving and hunting season with hunters and their old Chevys and pickups parked along the street below. Our narrator, a man named Lloyd, hears a knock and opens his front door — standing on the frozen grass are two fat women, dressed like hunters, along with a dead deer.

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From choosing components such as lures, leader and hooks to debating crimp versus knot connections, captains drill down to the essential details that determine the success of the day. To offer some suggestions for targeting four of the most popular offshore species — marlin, sailfish, dolphin and tuna — I contacted top charter and tournament captains and asked them three basic questions: When and why do you choose to troll for this species?

Describe your favorite trolling outfit and rig for this species. The marlin season off Tobago, in the Caribbean, runs from February through May. In Madeira, Portugal, the biggest marlin are caught mid-May through mid-September.

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We had a total of 14 great guys on the trip with plenty of laughter and fishing tales to share every evening at the Tiki Bar. The following morning we were transported to the small airport for our 6: Once on board we got our rooms, had breakfast, assigned our boats and then off for our first day of fishing, all this before 9: We fished the near by islands where we caught wahoo, roosterfish, cubera snapper, jacks, sierra and a couple of yellow fin tuna. A normal fishing day starts with breakfast at 5: I might mention that the boats are 27′ Ocean Master center console boats with twin hp four stroke motors making them very fast and manuverable.

The full day sport fishing charter is scheduled for eight hours however it has been known to push the 9 and 10 hour limit is the fishing and weather cooperates. .

The operation is limited to six boats per week, something that the owners believe will ensure the quality of fishing for many years to come. The average bonefish in these waters run three to five pounds, and anglers will find themselves casting at trophy fish on a regular basis. Last season there were over a dozen bonefish caught that tipped the scales at over ten pounds. With regards to crowds and area development Crooked Island can honestly boast that you will have the flats to yourself.

Imagine wading pristine flats that seem endless with no other anglers in sight! Permit can be found most of the year and the guides on the island are eager to fish for them.

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