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Jablonski , [11] the name is also Phrygian and could be “compared with the royal appellation Artemas of Xenophon. It is believed that a precursor of Artemis was worshipped in Minoan Crete as the goddess of mountains and hunting, Britomartis. Brygos potter, signed , Briseis Painter , Tondo of an Attic red-figure cup, ca. Various conflicting accounts are given in Classical Greek mythology regarding the birth of Artemis and Apollo, her twin brother. However, in terms of parentage, all accounts agree that she was the daughter of Zeus and Leto and that she was the twin sister of Apollo. An account by Callimachus has it that Hera forbade Leto to give birth on either terra firma the mainland or on an island.


Its graceful, circular design has a stimulating, positive effect on emotions and attitude. It is not a stone of protection, but rather of encouragement and support. Its circular flowing energy calms, uplifts and elevates.

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He invites Alec and all of his family. So why is he so nervous about it. It’s just a party, right? Yes, I know its late. Better late than never. Mortal Instruments – Rated:

The latest Tweets from Aura Dione (@auradione): “Det har været en fantastisk sommer rundt i hele landet, tak til alle der har været der og set os spille. Sommerens sidste festival show på lørdag, vi ses på Refshaleøen til Engage Festival <3”.

Her Roman equivalent is the goddess Venus. As with many ancient Greek deities, there is more than one story about her origins. According to Hesiod ‘s Theogony , she was born when Cronus cut off Uranus ‘s genitals and threw them into the sea, and she arose from the sea foam aphros. According to Homer ‘s Iliad , she is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. According to Plato Symposium, e , these two origins were of entirely separate entities: Aphrodite Ourania and Aphrodite Pandemos.

Because of her beauty, other gods feared that their rivalry over her would interrupt the peace among them and lead to war, so Zeus married her to Hephaestus , who, because of his ugliness and deformity, was not seen as a threat. Aphrodite had many lovers—both gods, such as Ares , and men, such as Anchises. She played a role in the Eros and Psyche legend, and later was both Adonis ‘s lover and his surrogate mother. Many lesser beings were said to be children of Aphrodite.

Aphrodite is also known as Cytherea Lady of Cythera and Cypris Lady of Cyprus after the two cult sites, Cythera and Cyprus , which claimed to be her place of birth. Myrtle , doves , sparrows , horses , and swans were said to be sacred to her. The ancient Greeks identified her with the Ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor.

List of Greek mythological figures

Twelve Olympians The main and most important gods were the Twelve Olympians. The home of these gods is at the top of Mount Olympus. There was some variation as to which deities were included in the Twelve. It includes all those who are commonly named as one of the Twelve in art and poetry. Dionysus was a later addition; in some descriptions, he replaced Hestia. Hades is not usually included among the Olympians, because his home was the underworld.

Poseidon was a major civic god of several cities: in Athens, he was second only to Athena in importance, while in Corinth and many cities of Magna Graecia he was the chief god of the polis.. In his benign aspect, Poseidon was seen as creating new islands and offering calm seas. When offended or ignored, he supposedly struck the ground with his trident and caused chaotic springs, earthquakes.

Ryoko, daughter of Washuu, is anything but cloistered or innocent. The mad scientist in question is her mother, and Ryoko generally refuses to even admit they’re related even though the resemblance could hardly be more obvious — but she still falls for the hero. As it is, her mad scientist mother falls for the hero as well. Professor Souichi Tomoe, the Mad Scientist of the third season, has a beautiful young daughter named Hotaru. Who actually happens to be a possessed by Mistress 9, the season’s Dragon , and b unknown even to herself until the end, the heroic Magical Girl Sailor Saturn.

Oh, and she’s also about twelve years old. Most of the time. And in the manga , a cyborg.


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Pelasgian word, considering an Indo-European etymology “quite pointless”. A feminine variant, po-se-de-ia, is also found, indicating a lost consort goddess, in effect the precursor of Amphitrite. Poseidon carries frequently the title wa-na-ka wanax in Linear B inscriptions, as king of the underworld. The chthonic nature of Poseidon-Wanax is also indicated by his title E-ne-si-da-o-ne in Mycenean Knossos and Pylos , [8] a powerful attribute earthquakes had accompanied the collapse of the Minoan palace-culture.

In the cave of Amnisos Crete Enesidaon is related with the cult of Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth. The “Two Queens” may be related with Demeter and Persephone , or their precursors, goddesses who were not associated with Poseidon in later periods. The violated Demeter was Demeter Erinys furious. Her xoanon of Phigaleia shows how the local cult interpreted her, as goddess of nature.

A Medusa type with a horse’s head with snaky hair, holding a dove and a dolphin, probably representing her power over air and water. Linear B represents an archaic Greek dialect.

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By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. The planet Uranus was given its tilt after being hit in a “cataclysmic collision” by a massive object roughly twice the size of Earth, new research has suggested. A study by researchers at Durham University believe that a collision in the planet’s history left it rotating on a tilt – potentially explaining its freezing temperatures.

Uranus is unique among the solar system’s planets for rotating on an axis set almost 90 degrees off of the sun’s orbital plane, meaning its poles experience 42 years of continuous sunlight and darkness over the course of its orbit. Their work, published in The Astrophysical Journal, confirms a previous study which stated that its tilted position was most likley caused by a collision with a massive proto-planet made of rock and ice.

The collision is believed to have taken place during the formation of the solar system about four billion years ago. According to the simulation, debris from the proto-planet probably forms a thin shell near the edge of the ice layer on the outside of Uranus – trapping the heat at its core. The trapping of this internal heat might explain the extremely cold temperature of Uranus’s outer atmosphere of C F , according to the researchers.

Scientists have been puzzled as to how Uranus managed to retain any atmosphere at all after the violent collision, but the simulations have suggested an anwer.

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Type in the number, hit Xy, type in 0. They were not trying to figure out which stars could host a human habitable planet. They were trying to figure out which stars could host a planet that was not so hideously uninhabitable that no possible form of life could live there. In other words, many of these planets could host alien life forms but would quickly kill an unprotected human being.

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For one set of photos, Erika was arranged provocatively on the chaise lounge, her feet adorned in a pair of turquoise-blue stilettos that matched the patterned pillow. The year-old dancer-singer was in fine form as she posed in a black and white zip-down suit and very high stilettos Wonder woman: Erika had the power as she displayed more of that hourglass physique in a grey, blue and white block panel bathing suit Reaching for the stars: The Bravo newcomer proved why she’s one to watch as she leaned against a pillar on the terrace Tough competition: Erika was a sight to see but so were the glamorous grounds of her s-era Pasadena mansion with its long pool and stone terraces An awe-inspiring lap pool stretched out behind her, and then the wide shallow steps that led to the villa.

The beige and tan tiles vied for attention with the immaculate gardens. Erika took the action to the terrace to pose in a black and white one-piece that featured a zip-down front. The blonde beauty certainly looked relaxed as she reclined on the chaise lounge Water system: The rectangular lap pool sparkled in the sunshine and was continually fed by a series of fountains along the sides Need some support? Erika leaned against the stone balustrade as she posed in a pair of black stilettos with five-inch heels Landmark: She also showcased her amazing curves in the tri-colour scuba-inspired swimsuit that she wore with matching high heels.

Erika was a beauty to contend with as she posed hands on hips, a view of the pool and linked jacuzzis just beyond. A grand piano, upholstered furniture, lamps and chandelier were among the spectacular features Sirens of the silver screen: The dramatic hallway included wood paneling, recessed windows and polished floor To the boudoir:

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