Can you hook up eight speakers to one receiver

Watching a movie on a properly set up surround sound system, or listening to your music through a new set of speakers can be an amazing experience. But, the key to a great home theater isn’t just spending a lot of money. Setting up the system correctly is just as important as what you buy. This guide, very simply, walks through the basics of speaker placement, how to hook everything up, and how to change a few settings to really make your system shine. Throughout this article are links to other articles that go into more depth on each topic. Be sure to also check out our related YouTube video discussions linked below for further insights.

Run a car sub off a home receiver

October 18, 5: It doesn’t really matter concerning the question but I know people will ask. This is being installed in a 83 Cj7.

You can use your car stereo’s auxiliary inputs and audio/video outputs to connect portable media players, TV monitors, car amplifiers, and subwoofers. For .

Dynamic Stage Organizer The Dynamic Stage Organizer lifts the sound from under-dash mounted speakers to improve stereo imaging and clarity. Enjoy immersive audio Built-in 4 x 55 W power amp gives you all the volume you need, with clear and dynamic sound. Control with your voice Use voice commands to get directions, play music and communicate with contacts, when connected with your smartphone. A second phone can be connected simultaneously for making and receiving hands-free calls.

Take control with SongPal Have an Android phone? Use SongPal to manage music playback, read messages and control apps by voice. Control by talking Enjoy helpful smartphone features without taking your eyes off the road.

Connecting powered bookshelf speakers to Stereo receiver

How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system Hint: You don’t necessarily need a receiver with subwoofer output jacks. Subs can provide a foundation to the sound that few speakers can muster on their own. So adding a sub is not just about adding more and deeper bass; rather, a properly integrated subwoofer can improve the overall sound of the system. AV receivers feature bass management to direct the low bass frequencies to the sub and the midrange and treble frequencies to the speakers.

Pioneer FitGuide. What fits your ride? Configure a Pioneer audio sound system that fits your vehicle. Just plug in your vehicle information below and the Pioneer FitGuide will show you a listing of car audio products that should fit your specific vehicle.

How do you hook up amp to a radio with no RCA input? What you need is a line level converter. This device pinches off existing, amplified, speaker wires coming out of your OEM deck. It has RCAs on it It changes the value of energy from amplified to line level, which your amp is looking for. You will need the standard amp install kit after that. Hooking up a aftermarket radio in a 97 Chevy truck?

How to connect a RCA audio plug to a subwoofer with regular speaker wire

Speakers Clint DeBoer Speaker Impedance Rating Explained That speaker impedance rating on your towers and bookshelf speakers is held up as a mystery—something strange and mystic, yet dangerous. The bottom line is that people are confused about speaker impedance. Speaker Impedance Defined I think the easiest way to define speaker impedance is to say that it is the resistance any speaker gives to the current and voltage being applied to it.

Subwoofers can be powered from a receiver keeping in mind that a higher impedance than four ohms may be needed. If the subwoofers share the same passive filter, (2) four ohm subwoofers can be wired in series to get eight ohms.

In keeping with REL innovation and tradition , theT-9 has a number of flexible hook up schemes, the most unique being by way of the included high level hook-up cable. This sub is a REL through and through. That means you get great build quality. REL just builds subwoofers and they do it excellently. The T subs are the most affordable floor standing REL subs and they are generally intended for home cinema applications.

REL claims their drivers are carefully designed to reproduce low bass, with exceptionally low resonant frequencies and long-travel suspensions. REL also claims that they keep the moving mass as low as practical in their drivers, thereby making for a more mechanically efficient design. This amp is cooled via an oversized heat sink bank. Three connection options are available: I will further discuss this connection in the following Set-Up section of this review.

There are separate volume controls for the low and high level inputs. The non-defeatable second-order variable low-pass filter utilizes Butterworth filtering and is set via an analog dial with a range from 30 — Hz. This speed is partly responsible for the slam and attack for which Serie T is known.

How Do I Hook Up a Subwoofer to My Vintage Receiver

That might be a bit much for those of you who are starting out. With this being said,the question we want to answer is: One of the biggest things about this little piece state of the art that is noticeable immediately is its impressive low frequency output from a remarkably small enclosure.

Jan 12,  · Is it possible to hook up a car stereo sub/box and amp to a home stereo receiver? I’d like to try running my 12″ & watt amp with my home stereo speakers.

This model in particular is a double din stereo unit, featuring a beautifully lit 6. The keys are able to light up, along with various background customization options available under setup. Maximum power output is 50 watt amps per speaker and 22 watt amps RMS per speaker. Being a single-din design, what you get is extremely easy to access. With a detachable face plate, you can drastically reduce motorized theft. One of the best car stereo receivers on the budget you can get right now and very easy to install.

This one in particular offers a flat face with no knobs at all, all buttons for settings and volume. Its touch screen is by no means the clearest in resolution, but it gets the job done quite well allowing you to customize a wide array of settings. Bluetooth Hands-Free calling and audio streaming allows you to communicate, without physically touching your telephone. Along with a wide array of different settings accessible from the touch screen, you can also access USB, AV and AUX inputs located on the back of this receiver.

Best Rated in Home Audio Subwoofers & Helpful Customer Reviews

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker unit which is designed to deliver immensely low audio frequencies known as bass sound. Car proprietor usually installs the subwoofer in their vehicle to improve car audio quality and the volume. I think you know better what a subwoofer is, and why everybody installs subwoofer. Otherwise, you would not be here to find the best 8 inch subwoofer for your car.

GPS: Some car stereo receivers double as in-dash GPS receivers, providing a multitude of navigation and driving benefits. If GPS is built-in, you’re good to go, while if it’s “GPS-ready,” you will need to purchase additional hardware to connect with the receiver.

You ONLY have the speakers? If you don’t have a home stereo with “audio in” jacks, then I don’t know how you can hook up your home speakers to your computer. ANY home stereo will do, as long as it has “aux in” jacks. First off I would suggest scraping your laptop’s built-in audio right from the get-go. Though this Extigy I can’t see if it has line-out. If you plan on using an amp you definitely want to have line level outputs for the cleanest signal.

For your amp you’ll need to leave the PC world and get in the audio world. Check out amps from the likes of AudioSource http: If you are on a budget, you can get by with using your headphone jack into an amp into your speakers.

Convert Car Subwoofer into Home Theater Subwoofer