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Johnson comes out of hiding! Seriously, we have seen such huge changes and we know it but are not able to see the full ramifications of the most recent events because we have factions doing their very best to not tell us what is really happening. We are seeing the complete breakdown within the DNC because of this last election cycle. Eventually, more of the population came to believe this point of fact than what the fakers and their media friends thought, which was proven by the winning vote. The Wag the Dog media groups believed their own fake reports to the point only they fooled themselves and their limited viewers with viewership collapsing in a large exodus. How many TV show hosts have been vetted already? What is it we are seeing here? Is this really law and order coming back into play again and will it help out when it comes to the investment arenas we all know to be fully rigged against the individual investor? What should we be looking for to help confirm this positive outlook thesis that seems to be pushing itself thru the crimes and non-media coverage?

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Sunday, January 22, Bachelor Couples: There are three original couples still together and a lot of couples who met because of the Bachelor. They live in Colorado with their two beautiful children proving the show can work.

21 Celebrities Who Have Reportedly Romanced Royals. Meghan Markle’s not the first star to get cozy with a crown.

In , we wrote the first press interview with actor Jason Beghe, who had made a splash with a video denouncing Scientology after being a gung-ho member for 12 years. In , we broke the news that Leah Remini had left Scientology. And not only that, but Lisa Marie has been behind some really monumental things that are helping to expose Scientology leader David Miscavige and his use of private investigators. In our April story about that , we also revealed that Lisa Marie had left Scientology with her mother, Priscilla Presley.

In April, we wrote a story about Lucia Ribisi leaving Scientology. And in that story, one of our sources, who happens to be a member of the church and its Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, told us that Jason Lee had moved to Texas in part to get away from Scientology. It turned out he was right. So we went back to our source, asking him to help us put together a list of the top celebrities who remain in the church, and give us his opinion about which ones might be closest to walking out the door.

We came up with a list of 20 names, and our Celebrity Centre source rated each of them on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 meaning practically all the way out, and 10 representing complete and utter dedication no matter how bad things get for the dwindling church.

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Either way, here are 14 stars keeping it real with their unknown partners below: The couple met in July , and Miles previously said: It’s been pretty easy because right now, her full-time gig is kind of being with me and before her, I would never invite a girl into that world because I didn’t think I could have both. She can come to set and visit me and hang out and doesn’t really distract me from it. Julia Stiles and Preston J.

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According to the insiders, the little brother got an overdraft from a bank to cover for his dues to his creditors to the tune of pounds 32, This is was possible only with the help of his sister Kate Middleton. People are making frantic searches on the internet to know the reality behind this report that little James had to ask for help from family to pay back his debts in a recently started cake business called Nice Group. James Middleton suffers from dyslexia and makes no bones about his poor academic credentials.

Kate does not have a royal ancestry and she is a commoner. She is the eldest child of Michael and Carol Middleton who run their own small business. Carol Elizabeth married Michael Francis Middleton in The time of their marriage, Carol was an air hostess and Michael worked as a flight dispatcher. However, the couple set up their own business in by the name of Party Pieces. The business revolves around party supplies that the company provides to customers ordering online.

Meghan Markle’s biracial identity is groundbreaking for the Royal Family

Famous Bisexuals Ferdinand I of Bulgaria 26 February — 10 September was the ruler of Bulgaria from to , first as Knyaz prince regnant, — and later as Tsar — He was also an author, botanist, entomologist and philatelist. On July 15th, , during a trip to Belgium, Ferdinand became the first head of state to fly in an airplane. He was married twice and had 4 children. In his later life, rumors abounded of Ferdinand’s trysts with lieutenants and valets.

Queen Karabo of Lesotho – noooooo, that’s Bridget Radebe of South Africa. mining royalty, but definitely NOT queen Karabo. Queen Karabo of Lesotho – Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso is the Queen Consort of King Letsie III of Lesotho.

The duties of nobility. Titled nobility at the foreground, untitled nobility at the background. The military elite in the Middle Ages and the perceived elite afterwards. Whether or not they have a sovereign whom they are subordinate to, these characters definitely have commoners who are subordinate to them. Their position is hereditary, often legally enforced, although occasionally simply socially accepted to the same effect.

Usually, the longer the family and its heritage have been known the better. In some periods and countries, it can carry the taint of being not quite noble yet if only one’s parents were ennobled. Thus, nobles are often quite proud of the length of their lineage, which makes them the natural foil of the Self-Made Man. For the same reason young aristocrats are often quite powerless in the hands of The Patriarch who rules the family, making the threat of Passed-Over Inheritance quite powerful.

While there are often gradations in rank between them, the common trait of aristocrats is that, unlike the monarch, they are surrounded by their equals and if there is no monarch some form of power-sharing will be in effect with plenty of intrigue. Insults between aristocrats result in Throwing Down the Gauntlet , or the Glove Slap , and a Duel to the Death , but an insult from a commoner results in the aristocrat’s servants thrashing him, and an insult to a commoner hardly counts anyway.

As a consequence, they are prone to underestimating the Powder Keg Crowd and setting it off.

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Share Of course there are plenty of reasons why. They also have a wonderfully distinguished history — dating back to the Shang dynasty before BC where they were bred to adorn the laps of Chinese Emperors, lived in extreme luxury and were watched over day and night by armed guards. Kelly Osbourne’s pet pug wears designer jackets and fits in her handbag. But there are also a good many reasons not to love them.

Oh yes, and not forgetting the bulgy eyes.

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Crime Mother who met royalty and celebrities after pretending son was ill jailed A ”sadistic” mother who met royalty and a host of celebrities after pretending her healthy son was severely ill has been jailed. A court heard that she subjected her son to ”24 hour-a-day torture” by pretending he was ill to gain publicity and financial rewards. The mother of two, from Brixham, Devon, amassed cash donations and charity gifts, including two cruises, and successfully lobbied for her son to receive a Child of Courage Award.

The year-old was sentenced to three years and three months in prison at Exeter Crown Court today after previously admitting charges of child cruelty and perverting the course of justice. Opening the case, prosecutor Andrew Macfarlane said the cruelty she subjected her child to was ”lengthy and enduring”. The boy was taken into care in October , the court heard. Hayden-Johnson subjected him to a total of medical encounters, Mr Macfarlane said. Hayden-Johnson claimed her son suffered from a long list of illnesses including diabetes, food allergies, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis and dysphagia.

Mr Macfarlane said the boy ”never suffered from any of these disorders or handicaps and the symptoms reported by the defendant were fictitious, either invented by her or created by her”. The child was consequently subjected to a series of ”physical intrusions and interventions” during his medical treatment. These included blood tests, intravenous treatments and a gastrostomy, and he was fed through a tube and confined to a wheelchair.

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Next 71 Some of us love libraries, and some of us hate them. Regardless, surely none of us could have predicted that a trip to the library could cause death. Sadly, this was the case for this king, who met an untimely end after falling down the stairs of his library. Kings who died in Unfortunate Accidents click to play it.

Meghan Markle’s biracial identity will make her a groundbreaking addition to the Royal Family. Meghan Markle’s biracial identity will make her a groundbreaking addition to the Royal Family.

Red Loft Studios 1. The two secretly began dating in But then I fell in love with him,” Olson says. Almost two years later, on a crisp December evening, McElhenney proposed with a s diamond cocktail ring at co-star Danny DeVito’s Malibu beach house. Red Loft Studios 2. The Decor The nature-inspired reception, coordinated by Lisa Gorjestani of Details Event Planning, kept cut flowers to a minimum-instead featuring potted plants, herbs and vegetables. Partygoers later snapped pictures in a vintage photo booth and pasted them into a guest book to chronicle the unforgettable affair.

Red Loft Studios Rustic arrangements of geranium leaves, eucalyptus, hypericum berries and artichokes lined dinner tables. Red Loft Studios 4. The Cake Fantasy Frostings decorated the four-tier cake with sugar grass leaves and buttercream lily of the valley flowers.

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It was her stepfather who actually nurtured her interest in music. The brothers share the same father, acting teacher Tell Schreiber, but were both raised primarily by their mothers in very different places. Liev was born ten years earlier than Pablo, raised by his mother on the Lower East Side.

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Myra Panache’s book of original stories, “Book 1: Short Stories” has been released. She was 35 years old. Damian would die on the same day June 27th two years later of colon cancer. He was 58 years old. Edmund Sylvers pictured above was the lead singer of the group “The Sylvers. The Sylvers hits include: Graves died in a house fire four years ago. She was found unconscious in a rear addition to the house where a faulty spare heater sparked the blaze and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

It took 50 firefighters, 30 minutes to put the fire out. Dino Connor, 28, pictured above was the lead singer of the group “H-Town.

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