14 Private Dating Places in Kathmandu, Nepal

The list is not a collection of private dating spots but these are public places which could be suitable for dating. The beauty of these places is the natural environment and romantic touch added by nature itself. You get to spend your time with nature along with your loved ones and admire the beauty of both. Here is the list of top dating sites near Kathmandu. Created by late Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana in early , after some restorations garden is open for the public to visit. You will find a peaceful environment within the busy and loud Kathmandu city. It is a perfect place to spend some quiet time reading books. It is also perfect for couples to spend some romantic time. Taudaha Taudaha is a small pond which is popular for its lovely view.

Ultimate Guide to Kathmandu’s Cultural Highlights

Best dating spot in kathmandu valley You can enjoy beautiful arts of the Buddhist monastery and gardens. Similarly, you can also arrange for going on a best dating spot in kathmandu valley walk together. It is very hard to find any private places where you can spend your quality time with the loved one.

The Kathmandu Valley The old city of Kathmandu is located on a bluff at the confluence of the Bagmati and Vishnumati Rivers – an easily defended site with rich soil and a plentiful water supply.

Though a few of the square’s plus monuments date from the 12th century, most are from the time of the Malla Kings. Probably the most famous building here is the Kumari Bahal, a building richly decorated with beautiful woodcarvings, which is home to the Royal Kumari, the Living Goddess, a manifestation of the great goddess Durga. Nearby the former Royal Palace is a Mall Dynasty dwelling, once considerably more extensive than today.

Within, the courtyard Nassal Chowk, originally hosted dramatic dance performances, now it is the coronation site of the Shah kings and contains some of the finest wood carvings you will see anywhere in the kingdom. The 14th century Jagannath Mandir is the oldest temple in the area, its steps carved with inscriptions in many languages, nearby Telaju Mandir is one of the largest and finest temples in the Valley.

It is dedicated to the patron deity of the royal family, Taleju Bhawani, a wrathful form of Durga who once demanded human sacrifices. Swayambhunath The most ancient and enigmatic of the Valley’s holy shrines the golden-spired stupa of Swayambhunath tops a wooded hillock. Records of its history date as far as the 5th century, but its origins are believed to be older. It is the Kathmandu Valley’s most sacred Buddhist shrine and whilst its worshippers include the Vajrayana Buddhists of northern Nepal and Tibet, Newari Buddhists are the most fervent devotees.

Pashupatinath This is Nepal’s most sacred Hindu shrine and one of the subcontinent’s great Shiva sites. The supreme holiness of the site stems from the Shiva linga enshrined in its main temple and its location.

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If you are looking for best and romantic dating spot in Kathmandu valley, then here is the list of top 10 best dating spot in Kathmandu valley. 1. Godawari. The botanical garden is located at the base of Mount Phulchoki (m.) at the Godavari. It is in Lalitpur district, south-east corner of the Kathmandu. The area of the Garden is 82 hectares.

Vijay Verghese Beijing Capital Airport en. Most domestic and international flights arrive and depart from Concourses C-E in Terminal 3, except the majority of Chinese domestic airlines which use Terminal 2 or 1. From the airport, the quickest 16 minutes and cheapest Rmb25 way to reach downtown is via the Airport Express www.

The 28km light-rail express line has four stops: Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 of the airport, and two in the city, at Sanyuanqiao with transfers to metro Line 10 and Dongzhimen with transfers to metro Lines 2 and Airport-bound trains depart Dongzhimen between 6am and City-bound trains depart Terminal 3 from 6.

Top 10 Best Dating Spot in Kathmandu Valley

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Top 5 Temples in the Kathmandu Valley. 28 Reviews. the Pashupatinath temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and is best known for its magnificent architecture. Pashupatinath is also the site of the most-used cremation spot in the Kathmandu Valley. Bodhnath Stupa/5(28).

The craze of dance in the recent days has been raised with the growth of social media especially Youtube and Facebook. Different dance crew members have brought a mixture of the cultural Nepali and western Hip-Hop dance in the field. We have listed top 10 best dance crew from Nepal and ranking on the basis of their popularity and views. The studio is located in New Baneshwor and the team has been uploading amazing videos on a weekly basis.

The latest dance cover Man Magan have gathered whooping 2. Latest Dance Performance 2. Each and every dance they perform grab the Trending 1 on Youtube Nepal. R16 Nepal Battle, Runner Up. World Leisure Games , Streetdance- Silver medal. Latest Dance Performance 3. The first crew to represent Nepal in Indian dancing reality show. This crew has a total of 13 crew members.

Latest Dance Performance 4. This group is now busy performing in the various show across Nepal.

Top 10 dating spots in Kathmandu valley

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The Brahmi inscription on the pillar gives evidence that Ashoka , emperor of the Maurya Empire , visited the place in 3rd-century BCE and identified it as the birth-place of the Buddha. The inscription was translated by Paranavitana: He caused it to be announced that the Buddha Shakyamuni was born here and thereby caused to be created a strong desire among people for that spot. He also caused a stone pillar to be set up so as to indicate that the Blessed One was born here.

He made the village of Lummini free of taxes and made it a partaker of prosperity. Excavation at the Mayadevi Temple in [ edit ] According to Robin Coningham, excavations beneath existing brick structures at the Mayadevi Temple at Lumbini provide evidence for an older timber structure beneath the walls of a brick Buddhist shrine built during the Ashokan era 3rd-century BCE.

10 BEST Places to Visit in Kathmandu

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Covering an area of 1, square kilometres, Langtang has a maximum altitude of 7, metres and contains climatic zones ranging from the sub-tropical to the alpine. Found in the Nukator, Rasuwa and Sindhulpalchok districts of central Nepal, Langtang is best known for its flora and fauna, sacred Hindu sites and great trekking being the third most popular trekking area after Everest and Annapurna.

At lower levels the flora includes oaks, pines, maples and rhododendrons, and the fauna includes red pandas, Himalayan Tahrs which resemble goats and black bears, Rhesus monkeys and if some accounts are to be believed the occasional Yeti! At 4, metres and with a surface area of 34 acres, the sacred Gosainkunda lake pictured is a must-see. This festival marks the date on which Hindu men change the yellow cotton cord worn around their chest or right wrist. Starting at Sundarijal, a short taxi ride from Kathmandu, the day Langtang valley trek takes you into the heart of the Langtang range.

Passing through the villages of Chisapani, Kutumsang and Gosainkund, the trek crosses the 4, Laurebina Pass on its way to Langtang village. The views of the surrounding peaks—for instance the 6, Gangchempo or ‘Fluted Peak’—and the Everest and Annapurna ranges to the east and west are breathtaking. The best seasons to visit are April-May and October-November, thereby avoiding the monsoon and the coldest weather.

Bring your passport for identification. Garden of Dreams The Garden of Dreams is a beautiful enclave found a stone’s throw from the centre of Thamel. The Garden—formal in style—occupies about half a hectare. Its lush lawns, sunken flower gardens, large central pond, fountains, gazebos and three neo-classical pavilions are kept in pristine condition.

Built by Field Marshall Kaiser Shumsher , son of Nepal’s prime minister Chandra Shumsher, the Garden was inspired after a trip to Edwardian England using funds that Kaiser had won from his father in a game of cowrie shells.

Best Dating Spot In Kathmandu

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Stocked gymnasium or best dating spot in kathmandu valley the all, this is a luxury bolthole for both business travellers and leisure trippers in search of an urban resort feel.

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Best place for dating in kathmandu

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Near to Kathmandu valley, it can be the best option for your romantic date. Since it is located at the distance of 28 km from Tribhuvan International Airport, it is chosen as the best .

Share Tweet Be it at school, college or work, Nepali Community is well known for organizing Picnics in the time of winter. Picnics are good but with the right selection of the spot, you can make it even better. With the mindset of making your next picnic plan a bit easier, ListNepal team has thoroughly researched about possible picnic spots near Kathmandu and has come with a list. Choose any of the spots from the list and your picnic this year would be so mesmerizing and memorable.

Picnics in Winter are all about enjoying the sun and the view from the spacious spot. Tribhuwan Park Thankot Tribhuwan Park is a well-known picnic spot since long. The park is best-suited for picnics since it has almost everything a picnic spot needs to have. The place is huge, the picnic spots are well-roofed, toilets are feasible and the garden itself has a good ambience.

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